The use of shoppingcaresolutions.com (hereinafter the Website) are binding between the customer and the company.


We reserve the right to update any Terms from time to time as we see fit and is proper under law. Whenever there are changes, there will be a notification for all users as a message on the Website. It is our responsibility to provide a timely notification on the Website for all users. At the point new Terms are unveiled, if these Terms are unacceptable to the customer, then all use of the Website by the customer should be immediately ceased. If the Website is accessed under the new terms, this is considered action that implies agreement with the new terms. Therefore, any and all modifications on whichever timeframe enunciated by the Website services as individual notice. Use also confirms that we shall not be held liable to any issues arising from modifications and/or withdrawals from the updated Terms and contents therein.


All of the Website is to be used in a lawful manner wherever the customer is located. These applicable regulations and other statutes are expected to be followed at all times when using the Website. By accepting these terms, customers agree not to transmit information that may impair the normal use of a computer. This means any viruses are explicitly banned and any materials that are scandalous, offensive, and libelous are expressly prohibited.


At the time the terms are agreed to, this fully indemnifies all employees including directors, suppliers, officers, and all other people delivering services on behalf of the company against any claims, expenses, costs, and those include but are not limited to costs arising from the customer’s violation of these terms. Customers may be held liable for any legal fees and all other expenses arising from the breach of these terms.


As our website includes links to other websites and material, this material is expressly beyond our control and exists solely for the benefit of our customers. As we have no control, we are not liable for any issues arising from these links and content on these websites. We neither review nor endorse them. Whether any offense is direct or indirect, agreement to these Terms also includes an agreement that we are not to be held liable due to any problems arising from the advertising, materials, content, services, and products available on any and all of these external sites.


All orders are subject to the availability of the products and the acceptance of offers for these orders. At the time of the orders, specific goods may not be available, and at that point an email notification is sent to the customer via the email address on file. If there are other methods on file because the email address isn’t available then those methods will be used to contact customers.
All orders are treated as offers to purchase goods and services. At any time, we can reject these offers despite any automated acknowledgements issued. Acceptance of an offer is shown in two ways (1) when payment is accepted from a source of payment like a credit card or debit card or (2) at the time the order is processed for delivery, whichever comes the latest.
At all times we will take care necessary and reasonable to keep all payments and payment information secure. Aside from negligence, there is no situation in which we are liable for any losses occurring to users if a third-party obtains the data through illegal and/or illicit means during the process in which you are making an order on the Website.
From the moment products are delivered and the services are provided, customers assume any and all risk in using the products. If there is an address for delivery that is incorrect or there is a failure to secure the products at a specified delivery address, this is not something our company would be liable for.


All customers may cancel an order as long as that cancellation is occurring within the first 24 hours that the order is placed. The Website handles orders as quickly as possible to ensure that customers are treated with the highest standards of service.
Every customer has the right to cancel an order for 24 hours after the order has been confirmed by the customer. However, the Website processes payments quickly so that the customer is not inconvenienced. As a result of this process, orders are sent to the fulfillment processor immediately as customer service is a core value. Upon receipt of the order in the fulfillment center, customers do not have the ability to cancel orders or to change orders.
It is imperative that prior to making any purchases that customers review all products with great attention before making an order. Aside from the product itself, it is important to review all the details of the products along with the specifications of the products. If there’s any reason for a modification, make sure to contact the Website and begin the process to cancel the order so customer satisfaction and return processing can be initiated.


All prices for products provided by the Website are listed in EUR. However, these prices are just for the product itself, and do not include any associated fees like taxes, shipping and handling, along with any other local duties. Prices are simply part of the cost process, and at the time of the purchase, the associated fees will be added onto the price per regulatory compliance with all municipalities.
As there are constant variations in the global marketplace, prices are subject to fluctuation. This in turn means the Website will not provide price matching services nor will the Website commit to prices being fixed for a determined period of time.
Visa and MasterCard debit and credit cards are acceptable forms of payment. These payments are sourced from the accounts backing the cards before the products are started on the shipping process or the services are provided.
In the rare situation in which a displayed price on the checkout page is not correct and this situation is discovered ahead of the order’s acceptance, we do not have to sell the goods and services at the displayed price. While we strive for excellence in all things, there are times when pricing on the Website is inaccurate. In the event of a pricing error, you will be notified immediately. When this occurs, customers may choose to alter the payment and confirm the order or cancel the order. Upon choosing the option to cancel but there’s been a received payment, then the issuance of a full refund will take place.
For customers, it is imperative the payment form confirmed is indeed yours. Credit and debit cards are subject to validation checks and authorizations from the issuer of the card. In the situation where the issuer refuses payment or the issue does not provide authorization, it is the position of the company and agreement to these terms that the company is not liable for lack of delivery or delivery delays.
When unsuccessful payment processing happens, we reserve the right to attempt payment processing within 48 hours of the first unsuccessful attempt. If this attempt is not successful, we will notify you at the email address on file. If at that time you decide against processing payment, please be advised that orders must be cancelled in advance.
While we encourage the use of discount codes, be advised only one discount code is allowed per order. Orders in which there are discount codes in excess of the one per order ratio will be rejected as is our right.
Each discount code has strict and binding terms and conditions. These conditions have different eligibilities and different order valuations.
The customer is responsible for understanding the terms and conditions of discount codes prior to order placement. As is our right, we may cancel any and all orders for a failure to adhere to the terms and conditions set forth by the discount codes. If there’s any discrepancy between the terms and conditions on the discount code then the terms on the discount code will be applied. Discount code terms and conditions are available by contacting customer service by phone, email or through the mail to the correspondence address: TENTAL LIMITED, Palliser House Palliser Road, Second Floor, London, England, W14 9EB.


Refunds are available to customers within the first 14 days upon receiving the products. Refunds can be issued for any problems relating to the products, delivery, or packaging.
In the event a refund is issued, customers will be provided to the customer the same way the order is provided via the credit receipt process.
All refunds and processes therein have an average processing time of 3 to 5 business days.


Any eligibility to purchase goods and services on the Website are directly related to the local laws and regulations within the local jurisdictions customers reside an in accordance with regulations governing all contracts under English law with the following conditions:
Individuals must be at least 18 years old and furnish a legal name, address, email address, phone number, and any pertinent details upon request.
Upon making the offer to purchase goods and services, this acts as certification that customers are at least 18 years old and have the authority to provide all pertinent information to the company so that we may obtain the proper information from third parties. This includes but does not limit itself to credit and debit card numbers, credit reports for the purposes of authentication, validation, initializations, and purchase transactions.


All content is protected through the trademark and copyright law including databases and intellectual property rights. By agreeing to terms set forms customers are aware of the legality of all the material and content supplied will remain with use and with the different licensors.
It is within the rights of customers to display and retrieve content from the Website on any personal computer and information derived therein may be saved onto the electronic disk. However, any storage devices connected to a network – commonly known as “The Cloud” is expressly prohibited. One copy is allowed for printing purposes, but no content may be used for any commercial purposes. All copyright and proprietary notices must be kept as is and there is no permission to modify, copy, or distribute for any other purpose.


Customers acknowledge there is no language present in these terms limiting consumer rights as established by English law, nor is any liability limited or excluded from death and other injuries arising from negligence on our part.
When ‘as is’ and ‘as available’ is mentioned on the Website, this is made without endorsements and/or any representations, and there are no expressly provided warranties in relations and regarding the use of these terms. Customers agree we are unable to guarantee and we bear no responsibility for privacy and security of the information provided to us via the Website. Customers agree to assume any risk that is associated with the use of the Internet.
Our goal is ensuring that all material appearing on the Website is reputable and accurate, however if there are misrepresentations this is something beyond our control. We also are not responsible for any omissions, errors, and any outcomes that arise from incorrect information. Nor are we responsible for any technical problems with these products. Upon being made aware of any inaccuracies, we will take all appropriate measures to make the proper corrections.
We will not accept any liability claims arising from incompatibility that includes software, telecommunications, and any other technical issues that impair personal use with our interface. This inability is not our concern, as this is a technical issue arising from personal use and not something universally affecting all our customers.
Customers and third parties agree we bear no liability, to the maximum extent that is allowed under the law, for damages that are consequential in nature or incidental that could include, but would not be limited to, economic loss, lack of profitability, savings loss, loss of business, data loss, privacy, and any and all other limitations. Indirect, special, and punitive damages are also held harmless under the terms of this agreement.


At any point if these terms are found to be unenforceable as they would be unlawful or void, then the provisions that are problematic will be severable from these Terms, and they will not affect the validity or the ability to enforce any of the other provisions found therein.


In the event of a breach, a waiver shall not be interpreted as an agreement to any allegations.


The terms in this agreement govern the entire relationship between the customers and the company.


These terms are governed by the laws within England and Wales. Any disputes regarding these terms are only to be decided within English courts.


We do not store the goods sold online. All goods are sent by our suppliers, whose warehouses are located all over the world, including India, China, Singapore etc.
We offer two methods of delivery, such as International Unregistered Mail for €9.60 with 14-21 days delivery and Trackable Courier Service for €28.80 with 5-9 days delivery. We ship by a range of delivery companies, it depends on the goods and shipping option chosen by the customer. These are DHL, DPD, Hermes, Swiss Post, China Post.


All packages to be returned must be sent back to the original supplier.
The address for clients to send correspondence such as written letters is: TENTAL LIMITED, Palliser House Palliser Road, Second Floor, London, England, W14 9EB.
Our goal is making sure all customers receive only the best service and support, and that is why the return policy is comprehensive in the event customers do not find themselves 100% satisfied. Return policy must be followed in order for the customer to receive a refund and satisfaction. We are not responsible for the inability to process an exchange or a refund due to stock and availability affected by circumstances that are not within the control of our company. If there are instances of extreme temperatures, hot or cold, there could be issues in composition and appearance, however this will not affect the use and the consumption of any of these products.
If a product is found not to be satisfactory, customers must notify no later than 48 hours after receiving the order and they must be specific about how the order does not meet their satisfaction. Arranging a return involves contacting us and informing the customer service team of the specific order number of the item that is being returned along with the reason for returning the item.
When this happens, we will provide an authorization number and the address to ship the returned product.
Within the package must be included:
The order number
Return authorization number furnished by customer service
Specify whether this is an exchange or refund
Explanation why item is being returned
All goods must be returned in the condition as originally found upon arrival. Furthermore, they must be accompanied with the invoice, packing slip, or a copy of both.
No perishable items will be processed for refunds. The only items to be processed will be ones that are faults and demonstrably so at the time. We will not issue refunds on
Upon receipt of the items, they will be checks and any refunds on the postage and goods will be processed if suitable. We will not issue any refund on goods that are unwanted due to the nature of good being perishable. Only items that are faulty and demonstrably so at the time of shipment will be eligible for refunds and exchanges.


Any label requirements, warnings regarding safety, manuals and all types of instructions are possibly not specified in a preferred dialect of the country in which the products are shipped to. Clients are solely responsible for ensuring that it is legal in the country in which it is being shipped to. Upon purchase of products, records are also imported by purchases. It is incumbent upon the customer to know all the applicable regulations and laws associated with the product and the country to which it is being shipped into. Furthermore, any fees, duties, and import taxes are included in all final costs to the customer for internationally shipped products. If there are any additional charges and fees associated with customs clearance, that is solely the responsibility of the customer. The Website is not liable nor responsible for any fees and charges that are additional as a result of these circumstances. Therefore, [the Website], is unable to estimate any value in these charges. Customers are encouraged to contact applicable local officials to find out all applicable charges.


Principal place of business: TENTAL LIMITED, Palliser House Palliser Road, Second Floor, London, England, W14 9EB.