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This formula is light and protects from UV rays using minerals like titanium and zinc dioxides that reflect the suns rays on exposed skin. Nature’s glycerine and olive oil make skin conditioned, but do not give it that greasy feel. Shea butter soothes the irritation while at the same time making sure to repair any blemishes like sunspots. Essential oils of ginger, nutmeg, ginger, and lime for a fresh scent.

Key Ingredients

GINGER One of the world’s best known healers, it is used to tone skin and with antioxidants, it can make scarring less noticeable as well. There are more than 40 different properties that combat free radicals and protect against aging while making skin soft and elastic. OLIVE OIL Loaded with antioxidants including Vitamins E, A, and K along with lots of other nutrients make this great for people who have sensitive skin. SHEA BUTTER Loads of healing properties here thanks to the presence of fatty acids that help the skin look and feel great. Penetrates easy into the skin and keeps pores clear at the same time. NATURAL GLYCERIN, TITANIUM DIOXIDE, NUTMEG, LIME, ZINC OXIDE

How to use

Make sure to shake well before use for good combination. Take a proper amount into palm and blend into all areas until absorbed. This is to be the last step in any skin care regiment. Use 20 minutes before exposure to sun and make sure to reapply every 2 hours.


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